Revolutionising repairs

Need to give your tired walls an upgrade? Move away from time-consuming, traditional methods of structural repairs and adopt the future of preventative and protective building maintenance with Spänl’s revolutionary exterior cladding panels. With Spänl panels you can give your buildings a modern revamp, in minimal construction time, and enjoy reduced long-term maintenance costs.  ...
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Quality has no fear of time

In the modern world, buildings not only have to withstand tough natural elements, but also the increasing harsh urban conditions of pollution, oxidation and increasing levels of acoustic interference. With this increased rate of ageing of buildings, reactive maintenance is no longer considered a sustainable solution; costs are just too high, downtime for repairs not...
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Good things come in threes

  “Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.” William A Foster – US Marine What sets Spänl apart from the rest? Uniquely consisting of three specially configured components, Spänl cladding is designed to be...
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A hot commodity in the Seychelles

We may not be able to travel to the sunny shores of the Seychelles right now but Spänl cladding certainly can! As the news of the undeniable benefits of using Spänl cladding spreads, we recently, and proudly so, secured a substantial contract for perimeter facade cladding of a 550m2, two-story showroom on this beautiful island....
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It’s all about green performance

In a world increasingly leaning towards sustainability and energy-efficiency, Spänl offers superior sustainable and modern upgrade solutions for new and existing buildings. Spänl’s unique thermal insulation technology optimizes energy consumption to create high-performance buildings, reducing the costs of heating and cooling, and providing guaranteed long-term savings and positive environmental benefits. According to studies by ESI-Africa,...
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TruRay’s Facade

Spänl Metal Cladding was the preferred choice for a modern refurbish of the canopy façade at TruRay’s, a well-known pre-owned car dealership in KZN. “The façade structure needed a contemporary makeover; Spänl was the logical choice owing to the ease of installation, and thereby reduced downtime for the showroom during construction. Spänl cladding offers massive...
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