Quality has no fear of time

In the modern world, buildings not only have to withstand tough natural elements, but also the increasing harsh urban conditions of pollution, oxidation and increasing levels of acoustic interference.

With this increased rate of ageing of buildings, reactive maintenance is no longer considered a sustainable solution; costs are just too high, downtime for repairs not tolerated and the human condition for instant gratification is a very real factor.

Experts are now moving towards proactive and sustainable maintenance solutions to nip the ageing problem in the bud and are adopting exterior and interior cladding and siding systems as long-term solutions for ageless buildings.

Spänl’s intelligent, cost-effective and durable exterior cladding systems protect buildings from all elements, both natural and man-made, while its interior cladding and siding systems provide added protection with efficient acoustic and thermal insulation solutions, as well as improved moisture and temperature control properties.

Spänl’s cladding solutions are fast becoming the reliable and preferred choice for architects and construction companies across the globe.

With CE, SABS, ISO, SGS and CIRIM certifications for sound insulation, thermal insulation, conductivity and resistance, Spänl panels guarantee quality and extended durability; buildings are better protected from rapid deterioration while long-term maintenance costs are considerably reduced.

Spänl panels are tried, tested and trusted the world over ~ quality isn’t expensive, it’s priceless!


If you are a cladding contractor and would like to become a Spänl installer, contact Garry Hoey on (082) 644 5353 or garry@spanlcladding.co.za

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