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What's Cladding

Metal cladding is an increasingly popular option for residential and commercial buildings due to the variety of ways it can be used, the ease of installation, and the longevity of the product. The variety of panel styles has helped drive this trend, matched with metal’s longevity and minimal maintenance. As a cladding product, metal panels are used in modern, traditional, and even industrial-style designs.

3 key components of SPANL METAL SIDING


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You are sure about the design style you want for your project but unsure which metal siding will bring your dream to life. We have made choosing the right profile easy by grouping all our metal panels and specialty finishes into style categories. Whether you are looking for the perfect metal siding for your home or commercial building, we have what you need to make your design dreams come true. If your style is rustic, modern, or agricultural or you want to stand out with a exterior remodel you will find everything you need here. Check out our project case for more innovation.

Coating Technology

Revolutionary Coating

SPANL METAL CLADDING adopts the high-performance coating by AkzoNobel can be easily suitable for different climate and provide superior solutions for coating fading, loss of glossiness, UV erosion.



AIR-Circulation Method

  1. Anti-condensation
  2. Discharge inside rainwater
  3. Increase airconditioner efficiency
  4. Slowing down house aging


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Frost Resistance

In extremely cold region, traditional external wall materials are easily to be crack and damaged due to thermal expansion and cold contraction. SPANL METAL CLADDING is made of metal with enough strength and filled with PU foaming, with low water absorption and good resilience. In extreme weather, the combination of the two materials ensures a good appearance of wallboard and extender its lifetime.


Spanl Metal Siding Fiber Cement
Material Metal Cement
Width 370mm 455mm
Thickness 16mm 16mm
Weight 3.5kg/m 14kg/m

Thermal Insulation


Spanl Metal Siding Fiber Cement
0.03(0.02) 0.17

Sound Insulation


Spanl Siding: 16mm
Profile Frame: 18mm
Wall: 105mm
Gypsumboard: 9mm

metal siding products-spanl-cladding-popular-option-residential-and-commercial-buildings-frames

1. Install frame on the wall and then starting parts at the bottom.

Frame should be steel or antiseptic wood frame

2. Install the panel with self-tapping screws.

Spacing shall be less than 50cm.

3. All the accessories should be filled with weathering adhesive before and after installation.

Item Test Result Test Standards
Density (PU) 45 kg/m³ GB/T6343-2009
Compression Strength (PU) 320.4 kpa GB/T6343-2009
Thermal Conductivity (PU) Average Temp.: 10°C 0.022W/(m·K) GB/T10295-2008
Average Temp.: 25°C 0.024W/(m·K)
Water Absorption (PU) 0.8% GB/T8810-2005
Horizontal Burning (Core Material) HF-1 GB/T8332-2008
Combustion Performance B GB/T20284-2006
Heat Transfer Coefficency 1.50W (m2·K) GB/T13475-2008
Sound Reduction Index 25dB GB/T19889.3-2005/GB/T50121-2005
Fluorescent Uv Arc Aging (Steel Sheet) OK GB/T16422.3-2014
The above data is tested by National Building Material Test Center. For more details please contact Spanl headquarters (China).