It’s all about green performance


In a world increasingly leaning towards sustainability and energy-efficiency, Spänl offers superior sustainable and modern upgrade solutions for new and existing buildings.

Spänl’s unique thermal insulation technology optimizes energy consumption to create high-performance buildings, reducing the costs of heating and cooling, and providing guaranteed long-term savings and positive environmental benefits.

According to studies by ESI-Africa, the HVAC component of fully air-conditioned commercial buildings ranges between 30-60% of a building’s overall energy use, which racks up a substantial annual energy bill. Spänl’s energy-efficient cladding systems have higher thermal resistance, and fewer thermal breaks than typical cladding systems, ensuring that less energy is required to heat and cool buildings.

Spänl’s multi-layered panels offer improved thermal insulation compared to commonly used fiber cement.


Not only does Spänl metal cladding bring your building up to speed in terms of energy performance; with a wide variety of panel styles, ranging from antique wood to industrial-style designs, buildings receive a modern visual upgrade to match the times.

Take a look at our attractive array of panel options here.

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